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Miss Sold SIPPs Investments

Miss Sold SIPPs Investments

For years upon years financial advisers’ have miss sold SIPPs investments to members of the British public.

We have expert advisers’ and solicitors whom are able to help you claim compensation for miss sold SIPPS and investments.

Commonly Miss Sold SIPP Investments

Overseas Land – Common opportunity that is miss sold to pension investors and has been marketed for years, to be considered a high risk investment.

Overseas Property Development – This is another very commonly mis sold investment opportunity which has led to some disastrous cases of people suffering huge financial losses as a result, also to be considered a high risk investment.

Miss Sold Stocks and Shares opportunities – Another commonly miss sold opportunity for investment, (over emphasis of the performance of stock market investments is one way this is commonly mis sold).

When it comes to SIPPs mis selling getting expert advice is essential as you’ll need the expertise of expert professionals that deal with SIPPs complaints on a day to day basis.

The Benefits Of Having An Expert Investigate Your Miss Sold SIPPs

Concerning SIPPs (Self Invested Personal Pensions) there are several benefits to having an expert adviser’ or solicitor investigate your potential case:

(1) You get the benefit of our expertise and years of dealing with pensions and investments claims
(2) You can “cut through a lot of red tape” by allowing us to investigate your case rather than take on the responsibility of handling the case by yourself, (could possibly save months of hassle and research).
(3) We will follow up on the case on your behalf and provide you with periodical updates on progress
(4) Prompt follow ups and the next required action instead of uncertainty and procrastination that usually accompanies’ people looking to claim themselves without proper legal help and representation.
(5) Operating on a no win no fee basis, you only pay us a fee should you win your claim, no upfront financial outlay whatsoever
(6) Having the convenience of experts handling and pursuing your claim
(7) Dealing with claims managers’ with a proven track record of success in the market with a portfolio of successful cases with significant payouts.

How Long Would It Take To Win Compensation For A Miss Sold SIPP?

This is dependant on your individual case, some SIPPs are more complex than others, it will require further investigation in order to determine the amount of time it would take for the claim to be a success, the first thing to verify if there is a basis for a claim from the outset, it’s only expert advice that will be able to verify that for you.

How Much Compensation For SIPPs Mis Selling?

The amount of compensation you may be eligible to win from a miss sold self invested personal pension again, as above is variable.

This is because it is dependant on factors such as the amount, the length of time spent in the SIPP, and the extent of the mis-selling that may have taken place.

It is highly possible and even probable that your claim for mis selling a SIPP could be worth a figure in the region of £10,000s or even potentially much more.

We will be able to verify this for you.

To make contact with our experts and get the process started get in touch with us at the top of the page.

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