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SIPPS Claims – NO Win NO Fee – Miss Sold SIPPs Compensation.

There has been an epidemic of miss sold SIPPs during the course of the past 20 years.

Please feel free to read further for more information about the mis selling of SIPPs.

Is It Possible To Claim For Miss Sold SIPPs?

Yes. It is possible to claim for a miss sold self invested personal pension.

Whether or not you will be able to claim for your self invested personal pension (SIPP) is down to some key criteria described below, this page is a few minutes of reading but is well worth the time spent as it will tell you everything you need to know about SIPPs Claims.

What Are “SIPPs”? What Does The Term “SIPP” Mean?

In a nutshell “SIPPs” are “Self invested personal pensions” these are pension (investment) products & options for people to allocate their pension fund into, and they are often miss sold.

How Are SIPPs Mis Sold To Brits?

There are a number of ways in which SIPPs are commonly wrongly sold to the British public.

Low quality financial advice (usually with a vested interest at play with the financial adviser’ in question).

Many companies’ have sold SIPP investments to members of the British public for decades and many of these investment opportunities have been marketed in a way which would be considered unethical.

How Can I Start A Claim For A Miss Sold SIPP?

We can handle your SIPPs claim on your behalf, we have expert solicitors and advisers’ who are capable and willing to handle your claim should you decide you would prefer assistance.

There is also the option to pursue a claim yourself should you wish, however the process is likely to be long and drawn out, and requires a lot of administrative procedure and patience.

If you wish to begin a claim for a mis sold SIPP with us, get in touch using the form to the upper right hand side of the page to begin the process.

Am I Eligable to Claim For A Miss Sold SIPP Investment?

Criteria Below:

If one or more of the following criteria apply to you, you may be eligible to make a SIPP claim, (we advise you get in touch with us as soon as possible to begin your claim):

1. Have you received advice that was of a low quality? Did the adviser appear to have a vested interest in whether or not you take up one of the options on the SIPPs?
2. Have you received financial advice from someone that is unauthorised? Did the adviser disclose to you whether or not they were FCA licensed?
“Section 19 of the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Act 2000) strictly prohibits unauthorised advisers’ & professionals from advising on regulated investment activities (including investments that you would find in a SIPP scheme). “
“In the event a SIPP investor has received advice & guidance from someone who does not have the necessary authorisation or accreditation, a contract entered into by the investor with the unauthorised person may be unenforceable. In that case, it is common for an investor to be able to recover financial losses.”
3. Had you been invited to engage in an investment opportunity presented as a “financial promotion?” with a company that had no FCA authorisation at the time of the advice?
4. Did you receive advice that was unclear, unfair or misleading? If so it could be in breach of “COBS” (Conduct Of Business Sourcebook) this is an FCA rulebook featuring strict guidelines for dealing with customers in the financial sector and how they are communicated with.
5. Have you suffered losses when you were told your pension would appreciate at a given percentage? this is a common way in which these financial products are mis sold.

It may also be possible to file a claim with the FOS (Financial Ombudsman Service) either directly in relation to the issues stated about or through their “FSCS” (Financial Services Compensation Scheme) which enables British investors to recover financial losses through legislation and law.

We can handle your SIPP claims no matter the circumstances, we are willing and able to advise you and help you at any stage of proceedings.

SIPPs Mis Selling, How SIPPs are Usually Miss Sold

Common examples of miss sold SIPP plans are as follows:

Overseas Investments/ Overseas’ SIPPs – One of the most commonly miss sold forms of SIPP investment is the overseas SIPP, this can come in the form of a business investment abroad or on an overseas’ commodity.

Commercial Property SIPPs – Commercial property investment is another investment option that is commonly miss sold, these can be disastrous situations where people have invested huge amounts of money into the construction of a commercial property and either the build was never completed or initiated, or if there have been logistical issues with the construction project.

Environmental SIPPs – Cultivation or environmental development SIPPs are a common option that is presented to the investor that can commonly be miss sold.

Overseas’ Land Purchase/ Land Purchasing SIPPs – These can be particularly risky investments due to the fact that there are laws in different countries concerning the ownership of land. Some countries also have political issues making these investments increasingly risky, whilst some investments of this type can be safe, many are not.

Energy production and processing SIPPs – Another commonly mis sold high risk self-invested option.

No matter which type of investment you have been party to and have suffered losses as a result of which – We will work with you, we have worked on a range of different SIPP complaints and we are a versatile and experienced company and we’re able to help you.

5 Reasons You Should Claim With Us

1/ We have experienced, expert solicitors that have helped to claim millions in compensation for wrongly sold SIPPs.

2/ We have the ability to find out if you have a claim from the start, we will investigate on your behalf.

3/ Many people have received £10,000s in compensation and some people have been able to win much more.

4/ We offer a no obligation review of your SIPP and we will give you feedback on whether or not there is a viable claim to pursue

5/ We operate on a “NO WIN NO FEE” basis.

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